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Hands on, real-world experience for exceptional teachers

The Exceptional 21C Teachers Edternships Programme (the Edternships Programme) offers an exceptional teacher a week’s hands-on experience within a leading NZ business and the support of a Learning Coach to prototype and test a rich, real-world learning experience for their lucky students!


of Teachers gained ideas to create learning experiences relevant to today's workplaces

of Teachers experimented with new teaching strategies

of Teachers increased student-driven projects



of Business Hosts felt the programme was worthwhile for their organisation



of Business Hosts felt their experience as a mentor was personally worthwhile 

of Students reported that the Edternship had a positive impact on student learning




*Example 2018 impact data from the similar Ignited programme, operating in Silicon Valley since 1985 supported by companies including Google, Oculus VR, Cisco and Lockheed Martin.

Who is involved?

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Illustration of a teacher to represent the Edtern persona in the Edternship Programme
Illustration of a business employee to represent the Business host persona of the Edternships Programme
Illustration of a design thinker to represent the Learning Coach of the Edternship Programme
Illustration of a 21C Skills Lab Coordinator in the Edternship Programme

What's in it for teachers?

The Edternships Programme is for innovative teachers, passionate about ensuring their students are prepared for the new world of work. 

We invest in those exceptional teachers to build their understanding of the 21C skills required by NZ employers, and get them ahead of the game on real world, project-based learning - the learning of the future.


Why it's great for businesses

Leading NZ businesses need young people with the 21C skills to succeed in their industries, now and in the future. They need to ensure that young people understand the pathways to work in their industries and organisations, and have the confidence and knowledge to access them.


We ensure businesses are getting right to the heart of this skills development and pathways exploration opportunity - by supporting the teachers themselves.


Who we are

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CORE Education

The Exceptional 21C Teachers Edternships Programme is a programme of CORE Education, designed and developed by 21C Skills Lab.

Our Design Process

In developing the programme, 21C Skills Lab worked closely with the K-12 Lab at Stanford d.school as well as a broad community of generous New Zealand teachers, students and business people.

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