What we do 

New Zealand's national carrier, flying people to, from and around New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.



Auckland - City and Airport based

 The Skills 

 We Value 

Air New Zealand employs people with skills across a wide range of technical and corporate areas. We hire entry level employees to engineering, customer service, operational, commercial acumen and strategic planning roles. Across the group, we look for digital fluency, financial literacy, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, effective communication, resilience, curiosity and a growth mindset.


 Into Work 

We welcome entry level roles through our training school in to our engineering, cabin crew and ground operations businesses and tertiary graduates in to some of our corporate functions including Group Shared Services and Contact Centre.

 Our Learning 


Our Learning Vision is Learning: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. We strive to create impactful learning experiences for all 12,000 Air New Zealanders, using the latest technology and innovative design to provide learning experiences that have a direct impact on our people's performance. Investing in our people in this way creates greater empowerment and growth which results in better business outcomes for us all.

 Supporting   Young People 

Air New Zealand works with a range of organisations and education institutions to support students in their transition from education to work. Our pilot and engineering groups conduct school visits, career days and on site families to encourage particularly females to consider these professions as careers.


We work with TupuToa to provide Māori and Pasifika students with summer internships and offer up to 20 internships in our digital function each year. We also offer mentoring to a wide range of students in the pilot, engineering, digital and business students amongst many others.