What we do 

Babcock is the New Zealand Defence Force’s Strategic Maritime Support Partner. In this role as their Prime Systems Integrator we provide all professional engineering support and repair and maintenance support to the RNZN.




 The Skills 

 We Value 


 Into Work 

Working alongside our military customers we deeply value collaborative problem solving skills, teamwork, communication and resilience.

As a predominantly engineering focussed company, we are focussed on growing NZ talent. We recruit a wide range of engineering apprenticeships and cadetships as well as a growing cohort of engineering graduates.

 Our Learning 


Alongside our graduate, apprenticeship and Cadetship programmes we are a strong advocate for lifelong learning to help grow our own staff. We support our engineers through their professional development.

 Supporting   Young People 

Working alongside MoE we are actively engaged with Kelston Boys, Kelston Girls, St Paul’s and Birkenhead college. We also have some contacts through Gateway programme with EGGS. Our University Intern programme has seen us grow to 17 interns from AUT and UoA this summer. We will be supporting the RNZN’s Schools to Seas Programme this year and will continue as active members in support of MoE STEM initiatives.