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Keen to get behind exceptional Kiwi teachers to help build future-ready young people? 


Our Edterns have the opportunity to partner with a range of leading New Zealand businesses, international and local, with new partners coming on board regularly in line with teacher aspirations. 


The Warehouse Group is the largest retail group operating in NZ and consists of The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming and Torpedo7, with stores in most NZ towns.

What we do

Edternship locations





What skills we need and value

The Warehouse Group employs people with skills across a huge range of technical areas, from strategic planning and inventory management to social media and customer service. Teamwork and collaborative problem-solving skills are highly valued.

Pathways into work

We have a significant number of entry-level positions available each year, for people with minimal or no qualifications within the stores right through to tertiary graduates at our head office. We work closely with skills providers like ServiceIQ to build pathways to work.

Education and skills involvement

The Warehouse’s Red Shirts in the Community programme has helped over 1100 young people not currently in education, employment or training gain retail experience and develop key 21st century skills like teamwork and other social and emotional skills. Learn more here.