What we do 

Fonterra is a dairy co-operative owned by around 10,000 New Zealand farmers and their families. Our business is built on a strong and enduring legacy of thousands of innovative and adaptable farmers who have made New Zealand a world leader in the dairy sector. Employing over 20,000 people across the globe, we are NZ's largest company and organise ourselves into 4 globally based business units (BU) and 4 NZ based BU's. The Edterns will be in the Operations business unit, which is the largest singe BU in the Co-op, covering manufacturing, supply chain and distribution, category /strategy and innovation, technical excellence, IT, risk and compliance and sustainability.




 The Skills 

 We Value 

Fonterra employs people with skills across a huge range of technical areas, from strategic planning and inventory management to social media and customer service. Across the company, teamwork and collaborative problem-solving skills are highly valued. We specifically look for learning agility, emotional intelligence, evidence based problem solving, growth mindset, entrepreneurship and an external orientation in the people that we hire.


 Into Work 

We have two main ways to join the company - direct hire into roles or via specific 'early in career' programmes. We have a significant number of entry-level positions available each year, for people with minimal or no qualifications (roles typically in our operations/ manufacturing sites) right through to tertiary graduates. Our grad programmes are for technical grads, business grads and agri grads and our apprentices cover mechanical, electrical, heavy automotive, dairy processing and energy/ utilities.

 Our Learning 


Fonterra has a strong commitment to lifelong learning and currently supports 630 active vocational educational learners. Our employees are mainly based in the regions and our sites are located across the length and breadth of NZ, with sites situated from Northland to Southland. Fonterra plays a key role in providing significant employment and learning and development opportunities in our local communities. We are also a member organisation of the Prime Ministers Business Advisory Council who have signed the skills pledge, which commits to doubling the number of on the job learning hours by 2025.

 Supporting   Young People 

We have signed up to the First Foundations and Tupu Tuoa programmes, and are working closely with the government as they navigate through the Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE). We have provided submissions on the needs of the dairy industry, we attend TEC and Ministry of Education focus groups and are playing a key role in helping shape the set up and structure of the new Workforce Development Councils.