What we do 

We specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of high performing IT systems and networks. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each customer, bringing exemplary products, environments & experiences to life.



Auckland and Christchurch.

 The Skills 

 We Value 

Fusion employs motivated, self-driven people with great communication skills and high attention to detail. We look for analytical thinkers across a range of technical areas, who have a growth mindset and the ability to diagnose problems and find logical solutions. We trust our staff and offer individuals the freedom to set goals and manage projects. Critical thinking is a vital part of every role, and we look for staff who can develop ideas and communicate these energetically and engagingly within the company and to clients.


 Into Work 

Fusion runs an internship program in conjunction with our 85 schools where we educate and support undergraduates with their career pathway. We employ 7 interns yearly, who transition into permanent roles within our business and out in the field. We assign mentors to each of our interns who are invested in the individual goals and development of their mentees and work closely with the involved institutes to align consistently to both the curriculum and to industry needs.

 Our Learning 


Fusion takes a fluid and blended approach to employee development and learning, to suit the needs of the individual in line with company direction. This allows us to be responsive to our staff goals and encourages ongoing discussion between employees and their managers, to combine on the job learning, mentoring, online learning, and off-site courses/certifications.

 Supporting   Young People 

We work with the Ministry of Education and Learncoach to develop NCEA courses for digital technologies that directly meet real world skills IT employers need. We are focussed on creating a smooth transition into technology and giving students the opportunity to work in the industry prior to graduation.


Our internship programme is now in its 4th year, having placed 21 students to date in careers in IT.