21C Skills Lab Exceptional 21C Teachers Edternships Programme 

2020 Auckland Cohort


Congratulations! One or more of your teachers has applied to join 21C Skills Lab’s Exceptional 21C Teachers Edternship Programme on the 2020 Auckland Cohort.


We want to make sure that they have your support to undertake this programme and to share their learning with your learning community.


The Edternship Programme requires edterns to attend two one-day workshops (the Welcome Workshop in February and the Wrap-Up Workshop in July) as well as undertake a five-day Edternship experience within a business.

Whilst the Edternships programme is free thanks to the generous support of business and philanthropic partners, your school will need to cover these seven days release time to allow your teacher to participate on the programme. If this is difficult, you may be able to seek funding locally. There is also an option for the teacher to undertake the Edternship in their own time in the April school holidays from 20-24 April 2020, although they will still need release for the two one day workshops which will be held in term time. 

You will also need to support your teacher with any travel and accommodation costs to attend the two one-day workshops (likely to be in central Auckland) and the five day Edternship (which may be anywhere in the Auckland region).

Before your teacher undertakes their five-day Edternship in the business, their Business Host will come to your school for a Student Shadow Day where they follow one student in order to notice and observe their experiences and build a deeper understanding of your context. For a similar programme, see the Shadow A Student Challenge.


You will need to arrange for the Business Host’s police vet check.


Following the five-day Edternship, your teacher will have a prototype of a new learning experience for their students that helps build 21C skills and develops a greater understanding of pathways to work. Over the following six to eight weeks, they will work to develop and test this with their students, with the support of their Learning Coach.


Senior leadership interest in and support for their work will be important for your teacher’s learning and development process, particularly if it can be integrated within other teacher inquiry and development work.

In our experience, having two or more teachers at your school on the programme can increase teacher confidence and ultimately impact. You may want to consider asking additional teachers to apply.


In order to graduate as an Exceptional 21C Teacher Fellow, your teacher will need to confirm that they have shared their learning with their peers at your school. We would also like to see teachers sharing learning more widely, such as at a Kāhui Ako learning day or a conference. There may also be opportunities for your teacher and potentially their Business Partner to share insights around skills and work pathways with your wider student and parent community.

Wider school benefits

We want your school to benefit from this experience more generally and to build its networks with the Auckland business community. We will invite your senior leaders to participate in our Welcome (Feb) and Wrap-Up (July) Workshops, joining with senior executives from our Business Partners as well as other stakeholders. 

Please complete this form in support of your teacher applicant by Friday 22 November 2019.

Note: You can save this form at any stage and return to it later