Empowering Regional Transformation


21C Skills Lab recognises the diverse needs of communities across NZ, each with a unique economic, social and cultural context. Many communities are already working - sometimes with the support of local economic development agencies, iwi organisations, councils and others - to develop integrated development strategies that focus on skills development and pathways to work.

We believe that successful regional economic development programmes must start in the classroom, by transforming what young people from at least Y7 onwards learn every day.

We are being sought out now by a number of communities who want to more effectively engage schools, teachers and young people.

We see Edternships, as well as our Like A Boss programme, “What’s In Your 21C Skills Toolkit?” student and whānau workshops programme, and the Student Shadow Day programme (in development) as tools we can offer these communities.

We are also committed to working alongside - and bringing in - other high-quality programmes such as Young Enterprise, Banqer/ Kohort, NanoGirl Labs, Code Club Aotearoa and others to align strategically, build awareness, and share resources.

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