What we do 

Spark is New Zealand's largest telecommunications and digital services company, with a powerful purpose: "To help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world." We believe that digital technology can make a significant, positive impact on our nation's social and economic wellbeing. And, technology can enable stronger, safer, more connected communities - even in the most remote rural areas.




 The Skills 

 We Value 

At Spark we employ people with a large range of skills, from cyber security and technology experts to marketing insights and digital gurus. Our business needs are broad so we always look for people who show collaborative problem solving, teamwork, digital fluency and a growth mindset.


 Into Work 

We have a significant number of entry-level positions available each year, for people who can work in our retail stores and our contact centre, right through to tertiary interns and graduates at our various offices. We bring in large groups of interns and graduates (into our technology, data science and into our marketing and digital teams).

 Our Learning 


Spark is the first large company in New Zealand to go all in with Agile. Agile is a business organisational model that has been used for a number of years by some of the world’s largest digital services businesses. It replaces traditional hierarchical control with small, cross-functional and self-managing teams – all working to a central organisational purpose. It also involves working on smaller, faster, incremental improvements to products and services, and looking at a customer’s journey with our business from beginning to end.

 Supporting   Young People 

We support young people through a range of initiatives which may include creating development experiences (such as projects and stretch assignments) as well as supporting them as they develop their experience.