Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Hobsonville Point Secondary School (HPSS) focuses on project-based learning as a key part of their Y9-Y13 curriculum. This school is a leading force in trying to get students spending less time being assessed and more time actually learning and developing real world skills.


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These projects "bring authentic purpose to learning and help students develop essential skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, planning and collaboration. Project partnerships with business and other external expertise ensure learning links to the real world, and encourage a culture of ‘giving back’ as responsible citizens and community members." -HPSS

Big Projects (Y9-10)

Projects based around a meaningful issue, challenge or needs-based situation in the community.

Impact Projects (Y11-12)

Projects based around student passions, developing skills in time management, leadership, project management.

Pathways Projects (Y12-13)

Projects with a focus on pathways beyond schools such as gateway, work experience and tertiary studies.

Epilobium: Long Lasting Partnership

In the inaugural year of HPSS Project Learning programmes, Y9 students in the Bring Back Biodiversity (B3) project discovered a endangered plant on their school grounds that grows almost exclusively in Auckland, Epilobium! The B3 project was created in partnership with Auckland Council to support biodiversity and spread awareness about the impact of human activity on the environment. Students worked with specialists from the Department of Conservation to research the Epilobium plant and create a 'native garden' for a local resident.

As a final culmination of their learning, students decided to create a documentary using photos and videos of Auckland to highlight the "not so pretty, or so bold" Epilobium plant that grows despite massive city and housing development. See their award winning documentary here!

Years later, students continue to work with Auckland Council to explore projects related to the Epilobium plant. Just recently, students created plans for a space designed to protect and promote growth of the plant. With help from an infrastructure and environmental services biodiversity advisor, these students developed their architecture and design skills to create plans for Epilobium Park.

Current Projects​

  • Helping the community with pest control 

  • Water control monitoring

  • Tree planting community event

  • Creating plans for a local skate park

  • Designing a clothing brand to welcome beginners at skate parks

  • Making kitchen table top gardens

  • Training for the Olympics while learning about supplements

+ many more!

What are students doing now?

Current Partners

  • Kaipatiki Project

  • Auckland Council

  • Hobsonville Land Company

  • Whitebait Connection

  • Countdown Supermarket

  • Waterford Retirement Village

  • NZ Transport

+ many more!

"Having a real partner gets students more engaged and feeling like what they are doing actually matters. Partners increase student motivation and accountability, and the projects make the learning more complex." - Danielle, Project Leader