Below are some inspiring examples.


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  • School: Mount Hutt College, Methven

  • Teacher: Jackie Brown

  • Year level: Y11

  • Subject: Maths

“I would be keen to get this experience out there to others as it has been very successful in engaging and motivating my students.”

- Jackie Brown​

  • School: Fraser High School, Hamilton

  • Teacher: Sam Cunnane, Head of Arts

  • Year level: Y11, Y12 & Y13

  • Subject: Visual Arts, English, Art History, Media Studies, Graphic Design

  • School: Menzies College, Southland

  • Teacher: Kit Hustler, Head of Science

  • Year level: Y12

  • Subject: Sustainability, Ecosystems

  • School: Onehunga High School, Auckland

  • Teacher: Not Listed

  • Year level: Y12

  • Subject: Marketing, Finance and Business Planning and Ownership

  • School: Mission Heights Junior College, Auckland

  • Teacher: Student led project

  • Year level: Y9

  • Subject: Project Management

  • School: Hobsonville Point Secondary School, Auckland

  • Teacher: Not Listed

  • Year level: Y11, Y12 & Y13

  • Subject: Architecture, Engineering Design

  • School: Oturu School, Kaitaia

  • Teacher: Student-led projet

  • Year level: Y8

  • Subject: Project Management, Reading

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